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《Living Spirits: A Guide to Magic in a World of Spirits》

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簡介: Living Spirits explores the various types of spirits which exist in Western Magic and how they can be approached in a world alive with their presence and power. Living Spirits invites readers to jump off the sidelines and reach deep into the rich soil of a magical world and explore its power and mysteries so as to apply them for the purposes of real and effective magic. The book explores the traditions of the grimoires but goes beyond that and explores spirit magic in a broader current based on building relationships with spirits.
語言: 英文
格式: pdf
作者: BJ Swain
目錄: I A Spirit Haunted World 11
II What Is Conjuration? 17
III An Historical View of Conjuration 21
IV Solomonic Magic: It\'s History and Nature 33
V Devotion 47
A Devotional Ritual: Installing an Image 53
VI Scrying 56
VII Ancestors 61
VIII Elementals 79
Conjuring the Elemental Spirits 85
IX Nature Spirits 86
X Preparation, Charism, and Intermediary Spirits 96
XI The Holy Guardian Angel 109
XII The Four Kings 119
A Conjuration for Asking Kings of the Cardinal Directions to Send a Spirit. 134
XIII Hekate 139
Deipnon 156
A Tiresian Necromancy of Hekate Based on the I Century Description by Statius 161
XIV Angels and Demons 171
XV Aerial Spirits 184
Conjuration of King Arcar 195
XVI The Olympic Spirits 198
XVII The Dead 207
XVIII Fairies 217
XIX Tying It All Together 225
Offerings 230
Spaces 233
Not All Spirits are Good 235
Protection 236
First Appendix: Grimoire Spells 239
Love Spell 250
Money Spell 253
Elimination Spell 256
Second Appendix: The Pentacles of Solomon 259
Consecration of the Fifth Pentacle of Luna 265
Consecration of the Fifth Pentacle of Mercury 270
Consecration of the Fifth Pentacle of Venus 275
Consecration of the Third Pentacle of Sol 281
Consecration of the Sixth Pentacle of Mars 287
Consecration of the Second Pentacle of Jupiter 292
Consecration of the Fourth Pentacle of Saturn 298
Third Appendix: Southern Conjure: A Practical Look at Spiritous Sorcery 304
Petition papers 310
Powders and Oils 313
Candles 318
Mojo Hands 320
Sweetening Jars 322
Fourth Appendix: Two Group Rituals 328
By Lamp and Water 329
A Feast for the Dead 346
Summation 363

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