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[其他体系] 【神话塔罗】 1 - 大阿尔克纳牌的疗愈着色练习

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1 - 大阿尔克纳牌的疗愈着色练习

The layout of the first twenty- two pages of the Workbook shows The Mythic Tarot card on the left hand page and an enlarged black and-white outline on the

opposite page. Colouring these black and-white images can help to stimulate and increase latent powers of intuition. Fantasy and imagination are the means for stimulating the intuitive powers which are present in all of us but which lie deep in the unconscious mind. An effective way of unleashing this dormant creative potential is to release the‘child' part of ourselves and let the imagination flow. Children are not shackled by inhibitions and can let their feelings flow unchecked. Their painting, drawing and colouring games help to develop their imagination, broaden their horizons, air their emotions and resolve inner conflict. As adults we become conscious of our inadequacy in artistic achievement, and so shy away from attempting to represent our emotions pictorially. Yet painting and colouring have great potential for expressing thoughts and concentrating energy.

Colouring the outlined images of The Mythic Tarot Major Arcana enables you to surrender to the image's symbolism and message and establish a rapport with its deeper meaning. So, allow yourself to suspend intellectual judgement for a short while and let your imagination roam freely around a particular image; and then see how effortlessly feelings and associations can emerge spontaneously. Let your choices in colour flow, too, because this exercise is not artistic but therapeutic. Make a free choice of the colours which seem to you most appropriate in describing the essence of each card. Think about feelings the different colours evoke in you: does green symbolise for you a sinister feeling of envy or a calm assurance of the natural order of things? Does red signify anger or energy? Does yellow imply cowardice or splendour? Colours in The Mythic Tarot Minor Arcana cards attempt to reflect the mood of the image in general
terms- blues for the watery suit of Cups, reds and oranges for the fiery Wands, silvers and greys for the airy Swords and browns and greens for the earthy Pentacles.



通过着色神话塔罗牌 - 大阿尔卡纳的轮廓图像可以使您能够有效的放弃图像的象征意义,并建立与其更深层面的融洽关系。
所以,让自己暂时停止智力判断,为想象力让步,让它在特定的图像周围自由漫游; 感受直觉和联想力 就那般 毫不费力地自发产生的喜悦。
把内心涌动的觉知通过颜色流淌到现实,但要明白 这练习不是艺术性的,而是治疗性的。
思考不同颜色在你心中引发的情感共鸣:绿色是否象征着阴险嫉妒?又或是种宁静致远的安然心态 抑或是种自然法则,象征着万物有灵?
神话塔罗牌小阿尔卡纳片试图用颜色充当通用语来反映图像的情绪 -

These may not coincide with your own impressions: you should feel free to choose the colours which best express your personal inclination. Try to find a key

colour to associate with each Major card.Have two aspects: one dark and the other light. One set of colours might be adopted for exploring her dark face and another set for her bright face. This exercise affords a valuable opportunity to explore the various Mother-associations: your own mother, the mother within you, yourself as a mother, and so on.

The journey through the Major Arcana is an archetypal one. Each of the Majo1 Trumps depicts a stage of human development. The Greeks identified the many and various human emotions and projected them onto their gods and goddesses, thus bringing the emotion to life. As you study each of the twenty-two Major Arcana, employing the techmiques of therapeutic colouring and guided fantasy, you will start to recognise the various gods and goddesses within your own psyche, and the image which each portrays. Dwelling on the myth pertaining to each card will help you fit the myth into that umiquely fascinating story of which you are the author, namely

your life.

It is important to identify our individual experience of each of the archetypal situations which touch our lives. Everyone can recognise an element of individual experience associated with the Empress, for example, of motherhood. But each person's experience will be different. By using the Tarot to deepen our understanding of ourselves, we can in turn broaden our understanding of others. This is an essential stage if we are to use the Tarot therapeutically.




熟识大阿尔卡纳牌的过程 是对我们的潜意识中的众多原型进行深度探索的旅路。



Guided Fantasy Exercises

It is useful to complete your colouring exercise first and then let the image develop within. For this exercise, it is important to select a quiet time during which you feel confident of remaining uninterrupted. Choose a comfortable chair or lie down. Now breathe deeply. Breathe in counting slowly to four. Hold your breath to the count of four. Now breathe out to the count of four. Relax for a moment and repeat the exercise twice. I et every muscle in your body tense up and then relax.

When you feel fully relaxed, let yourself drift into a truly peaceful state.

Now call to mind the image you have been working on in your colouring exercise. If, for example, it was the Empress, construct her image in your mind and visualise the exact picture of the card. When you can recall the image vividly- -and this may take a short while- imagine the scene as though it could be seen through a window frame. Imagine you are climbing through the frame and now find yourself standing in the Empress' bright landscape. Imagine you are standing in a field of corn and flowers. Take note of the countryside, the waterfall, the fruit and vegetation. Use the imagery given at the end of each Major Arcana card as a guide. Allow your imagination to take you wherever you would like to go, but always keep within the context of the card. Strike up a conversation with the Empress and talk for as long as you wish. When you feel ready to stop, imagine that you are climbing back out of the window frame into your own world again. Only when you can see the card once more as a flat, one dimensional image may you open your eyes and return to everyday life. Now write down your impressions, feelings, associations, details of the conversation, the memories it evoked and so on. It may help to tape -record it. Although it may seem difficult at first, and might make you feel a little silly, do persevere because the results will be well worthwhile.


先完成着色练习 然后进入到图像的世界里面。

现在深呼吸 心中慢慢计数到四。

屏住 数到四。

然后呼出 到肺叶四分之一空。




现在在脑海中呼唤 您刚刚填好颜色的图像。
当您可以生动地忆起图像时 -呃  这可能需要一段时间 - 想象那场景就好像可以通过窗框看到一样。
想象你正在翻过那框子,现在 感受自己站在【皇后】牌里面, 那明晃晃的景观中。
想象你站在结满玉米 点缀着鲜花的油油田野里。

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