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[矿物] 《Pendulum a Practical 》靈擺實用指南 <基礎到高級>

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簡介: 使用靈擺將幫助您與潛意識溝通,投射您的未來,管理您的命運,尋找與宇宙的和諧並體驗對生命意義的理解。
語言: 英文
格式: pdf
作者: Tanya Tsiolakidou
目錄: 目錄共八章取其中前四章

Chapter 1
1. What is radiesthesia?
2. Mental radiesthesia
3. History of mental radiesthesia and the radiesthetic pendulum
4. Interesting facts from the history of radiesthesia
5. Galileo’s lamp and his ‘inner’ clock
6. The story of the Beausoleil family
7. Jacques Aymar’s special gift
8. The mystery of the Eagle
9. Dante Alighieri’s missing manuscripts

Chapter 2
Useful information
10. The essence of pendulum fortune telling
11. A radiesthesist’s etiquette
12. The advantages of a natural semi-precious stone pendulum
13. Choosing a semi-precious stone for a pendulum according to your zodiac

Chapter 3
Preliminary preparation
14. Choosing a pendulum
15. Cleaning and charging a semi-precious stone pendulum
16. Achieving a proper psychic level
17. Visualization
18. Creating protective energy

Chapter 4
Working with a pendulum
19. First steps
20. Basic radiesthetic programming
21. Exercises
22. Exercises with questions and answers
23. Exercise № 1
24. Exercise № 2
25. Exercise № 3
26. Exercise № 4 .
27. Exercise № 5 – Programming for detecting electrical cables, water pipes,
gas pipes, etc.
28. Exercise № 6 – Detecting underground pipes, joints and leakages, etc.
29. Programming for working with charts, rulers, diagrams, etc.
30. Programming for water detecting
31. Programming for detecting gold, silver, and other ores and minerals
32. Programming for detecting harmful energies and substances
33. Tips for using the pendulum properly
34. Reasons for common mistakes or incorrect predictions
35. What to do if you are not sure about the pendulum’s answers
36. Questions that require great attention
37. Dealing with important questions
38. ‘Witnesses’
A method for finding lost belongings
You will be amazed how many different things you can do with your pendulum.
I expect that you could have never imagined how easily and quickly it would be
to find your lost rings, keys, documents, money or various tiny things that you
have put away, hiding them so well that even you could not find them!
I will describe two very simple and effective ways for detecting lost belongings
which you can use, depending on your situation and circumstances.
First way
Enter your basic psychic level with open eyes. Hold the chain in your
usual way and keep the pendulum at rest with your other hand. Concentrate on
the item you are looking for. Visualize it. Ask the pendulum to find it for you.
Go into each room. Don’t miss the smallest spot. Even go to places where it
seems highly unlikely that you will find the item there. When you feel that your
pendulum becomes heavy and starts spinning quicker in the positive direction
for the answer ‘Yes’, then you can be certain that you are near the object you are
looking for. The larger the swing and the quicker the pendulum spins, the closer
you are to the item you are searching for..........

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